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CEO of the investment company

Concorde Capital


July 2016

09:56 AM

At the end of the last year, journalists at Radio Liberty spent 6 nights under the Presidential Administration so that to make it clear, who are those people public servants meet with. This was the period that vivid discussions about the destiny of the Cabinet of Ministers and the government budget took place.

Ihor Mazepa also proved to be one of those "night guests" of the Presidential Administration.

This renown businessman and owner of Concorde Capital Investment Company several times happened to be on journalists’ cameras.

It is unlikely that the appearance of this businessman at Bankova Street came as a surprise to anybody.  Ukrayinska pravda previously highlighted that Mazepa is one of 18 advisors to Chief Executive Officer of the Presidential Administration Borys Lozhkin.

Ukrayinska pravda’s interviewees mentioned that Director General of Concorde Capital influences many personnel appointment decisions that come from the Presidential Administration.  Some personnel decisions are still associated with him.  By way of example, the former Chief Executive Officer of Ukrspirt Roman Ivanyuk came working to this government-owned company specifically from Concorde C ...

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June 2016

10:03 AM

Igor Mazepa, Director General of Concorde Capital Investment Company:


Igor Mazepa, Director General of Concorde Capital Investment Company is a well-known figure in the Ukrainian financial market. First, Mr. Mazepa is the founder and owner of one of the largest investment companies of Ukraine, which processed the number of stellar transactions: Galnaftogaz, First Private Brewery, Milkiland, TMM, Darnytsa, UMH, etc.

Second, he is considered the main recruiter in the Cabinet: the media tagged him "the HR advisor of Boris Lozhkin" in view of his recommendations on applicants for senior positions (GFS, Ukrspirt, National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission...), he gave to the past government.


Third, the name of Igor Mazepa pops up from time to time in conjunction with high-profile scams. Of the latter, - charges of cashing in the temporarily occupied territories of funds through a network of terminals owned by Concorde Capital.


However, Mr. Mazepa does not show that rumors hurt him too much, when answering to hard questions. The dogs bark, but the caravans move on.


It's another matter what is going on in ...

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March 2016

08:43 AM

Igor Mazepa is one of the few investment bankers who did not want to go to the civil service. But he cannot fail to engage in the processes.  Being on good terms with the Head of the Presidential Administration Borys Lozhkyn, Mr. Mazepa frequently visited PA, where he gave advice on candidates for senior positions. We met the unofficial "recruiter" of the Presidential Administration on the day when the Parliament made a resolution on the Cabinet of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Igor Mazepa makes no secret that he is disappointment with developments at the Verkhovna Rada.


Who is he:

Director General and founder of the Concorde Capital Investment Company


Why he

Recommended candidates for senior positions in government; ready to take part in the privatization


Recently, business leaders often criticize the government's actions - Zahoor, Taruta, Kardakov. Are you in the opposition too?

- I'm not in opposition, but I’m very skeptical about what is happening. Both the Prime Minister and the President share the responsibility for the state of economy and the business climate. A row of rigged games and compromises the ...

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March 2016

06:46 PM

Given the huge legacy of the Soviet economy, in 24 years of independence Ukraine managed to attract only 64 billion hryvna from privatization of its assets.

This figure corresponds to the three-month budget of the Pension Fund. At that, more than a half of total revenues generated only two objects: Ukrtelecom and Kryvorizhstal. It is safe to say that the successful sale of state assets is the exception rather than the rule.

The lack of any privatization strategy and a plain political will led to a permanent disruption of privatization processes. As a result, privatization plans were fulfilled only four times in the history of Ukraine. Their failure was a current practice.   


Recent years have been no exception. As the experience of Kryvorizhstal shown, a successful privatization can give serious grounds for awarding its organizers as historical figures of our young country. In this sense, the new government has a lot of opportunities - is another matter whether it will be able to use them?


How to sell?

In February, following adoption of the "progressive" privatization law, the country have got a chance to improve this shameful statis ...

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December 2015

08:58 AM

The Concorde Capital investment company presented its evaluation of Ukraine’s 2015 economic results and offered its predictions for 2016 during

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December 2015

07:30 PM

Foreign investors do not consider Ukraine as a pass to the Russian market, says the Director General of Concorde Capital Investment Company Igor Mazepa.

Investment attractiveness of Ukraine will not change because of suspension of the Russia/Ukraine Free Trade Area Agreement (FTA) - says Director General of the Concorde Capital Investment Company Igor Mazepa in his comment to the "GORDON" edition.

"Investment attractiveness of Ukraine is not particularly high, and after the suspension of free trade with Russia, it will not change. I have not met foreign investors who would be interested in Ukraine with the aim of getting access to the Russian market. I did not meet in recent years, for sure. In case of a zero interest, it cannot become less, "- says the investment banker.

According to him, free trade agreements with the European Union (EU) and Russia could have acted in parallel.

"I do not see any problems in the simultaneous application of FTAs with the EU and Russia provided a transparent implementation of customs procedures, well-functioning of the system, which allows easy tracking of the country of origin.  A decision to suspend has been adopted primarily for ...

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