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CEO of the investment company

Concorde Capital


September 2019

02:08 PM

Igor Mazepa told Investory News what sectors of the Ukrainian economy he is investing in

CEO Igor Mazepa told Investory News about his investments in Ukrainian assets  

Currently, I am investing in private medicine (the Dobrobut medical network), in cement production (we bought the Ukrainian assets of HeidelbergCement), in real estate (the residential development GoodLife Park), and the recreation sector (the Shelest suburban hotel-restaurant complex). There are also projects in e-commerce and the IT sectors. At that, I expect the maximum returns from my investments in cement. I think they will pay off in a year.

My view on investment changed sharply in the last three months. If foreign investors were fleeing Ukraine just a few months ago, selling their assets at stress prices, then we at Concorde Capital are now observing renewed interest in Ukraine. About USD 6 bln have entered the country recently, by our estimates. The reason for that is a new political course and new tempos that are being implemented in legislative changes.  The market is positively reacting to that. For example, even a half-year ago, I could not have even thought that in some foreseeable future Ukrainian companies could launch IPOs. But now, there is the assumption that it could happen already next year.

My expectations are related to all necessary reforms finally being conducted, including the judiciary, medicine and pension system. That finally the state will change its lumpen attitude to people and allows them to freely trade their property. I have always advocated the land market. That finally a big privatization will be conducted, which will put an end to the corruption of officials at state enterprises,  and introduce effective owners to them, as well as the best global administrative practices.

Igor Mazepa offered his commentary to Investory News. v/

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