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CEO of the investment company

Concorde Capital


September 2019

02:13 PM

Igoe Mazepa: The rejection from the Indar tender contest is an example of a reckless corruption scheme.

Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa announced the rejection from the Indar tender contest is an example of reckless corruption schemes.

The Concorde Consulting company – which won the contest for selecting a privatization adviser for the Indar private joint stock company as part of a consortium that includes KPMG, Marcus Bureau and Redcliffe Partners – is surprised by the rejection of its tender sale as a result of a state-approved change in the charter and is asking law enforcement authorities to investigate this case.

“We are extremely surprised by the news that the company charter changed in some mystical way. Moreover, state bodies that are direct shareholders in Indar approved it. If that’s the case, then it’s a shining example of reckless, corrupt schemes, the likes of which haven’t been seen in 15-20 years,” said Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa in comments to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency on Thursday. =

” Such events didn’t occur even during the times of Yanukovych. Those who have wanted to buy anything entered contests and made their purchase,” he added.

Mazepa stated that the company is currently sorting out the situation with the new leadership of the State Property Fund, but views it as extremely negative.

“This commentary can be considered as our statement to the State Bureau of Investigations, the prosecutor general’s office and other competent bodies. I am convinced that those responsible won’t get away with this and Concorde – as the adviser and consultant for the privatization – will keep the public informed as events unfold,” Mazepa stressed. 

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